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August 6, 2011 / thatsarahdean

Give two girls a toilet tent and a plastic pigeon, and they will make a show.

Rehearsals and preparation for Miss Information’s Booth, the street theatre installation created by myself and Sophie Steel are hotting up. Our dear friend and genius Saga Arpino has made us a bespoke booth by converting a double toilet tent (That’s what they called it on the website where we bought it Norwich Camping. Seriously a double? They do things differently in Norfolk..) We have had visits from comedy directors, puppeteers and someone to tell us to keep the noise down.

We have also had lots of financial support from friends, relatives and acquaintances via We Fund, the fundraising by crowd sourcing website. This money is covering the printing costs of Miss Information’s Spotters Guide to British Festivals, which is being created by a very clever illustrator we know, Steve Spicer.

Meanwhile Miss Information’s staff took time out today to celebrate 20 years of the internet with a song:


Also click through here for more questions answered by Miss Information’s trusted staff.

To book Miss Information’s booth for your festival, event or flower show, please visit Miss Information’s website.


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