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July 8, 2011 / thatsarahdean

Where you been? What you seen?

I’ve been a bit quiet of late here, mainly because well I have an inability to say no, which means I have been so busy doing, that I have failed to tell anyone what I have done. So in summary – I wrote an article about finding a housemate covering Jude Simpson’s column in Third Way. It’s here.  Then I wrote an article about crafts and comedy for the latest edition of Craftsanity Magazine, so I got to interview a couple of crafty stand ups – retro party snacks guru & screen print legend, Sarah Campbell, and slogan t-shirt raconteur and handmaker of several thousand promotional badges, (not to mention Perrier/ award winner) Josie Long! (I resisted using an exclamation mark there, but then I had to, because fact is I was so happy to talk to Josie. Craft + comedy = JL. Fact.) My article is not available online (Amend – now available here) but hopefully I can post some of the interviews here soon as both Josie and Saz were a delight to talk to and I got to eat mezze while I talked to both of them.  Bonus.


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