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August 1, 2013 / thatsarahdean

Woolly Thinking

I curated Woolly Thinking a show/workshop at the Greenbelt Festival, where people could come and knit their own facial hair.

Ludicrous facial hair is in. Wander round Hoxton or flick through the Howies catalogue and you’ll see ‘taches that Tom Selleck and 118 118 would be proud of.  Bushy beards, previously only associated with vague people who work in health food shops, and school lab technicians are now the face furniture of choice for hipsters. But what if you too young, too hormonally-stunted, or too much of a girl to grow a moustache or a beard of your own? Must you be left out of head fluff revolution? No! All the cool kids are knitting these days (Sufjan Stevens; Julia Roberts; Gromit). So it’s the natural next step to knit your own facial hair.”

GB10-ED-Sunday _MG_2045

A team of Knit Nurses taught people to knit their own beard or moustache, accompanied by film, live comedy and music, all with a woolly theme.


GB10-ED-Sunday _MG_2121

“I checked out the excellently-titled Woolly Thinking session in The Hub, where Sarah Dean encouraged about 150 knitters of all ages to create themselves fetching Daley Thompson-style moustaches in a range of colours….Of course, this being Greenbelt, Sarah donned her knitted wimple to tell us all about what the Bible says about knitting. Everyone knows Psalm 139 (“You knit me together in my mother’s womb”); Jesus’ injunction not to cast your purls before swine, however, is a lesser-appreciated but still important reminder for stitchers everywhere.” – Blogger reviewer

GB10-ED-Sunday _MG_2029

GB10-ED-Sunday _MG_2093

GB10-ED-Sunday _MG_2089

GB10-ED-Sunday _MG_2075

GB10-ED-Sunday _MG_2052

GB10-ED-Sunday _MG_2080


All photocredits: GreenbeltFestival/Jonathon Watkins

The following year I curated Woolly Thinking 2:

Cast off Grandma, knitting just got street!  Come and get your knit on for an hour of all things knit, purl and just plain crafty.  Including: graffiti knitting – help make a secret yarn bombing installation that will pop up on Monday to make Greenbelt a little more warm and fuzzy.

Greenbelt 010

Greenbelt 019

The finished piece was a quote by Maya Angelou, which read ” The ache

for home lives in all of us”

Greenbelt 042Greenbelt 043


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