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November 12, 2010 / thatsarahdean


A bit of knit in the nip

I was so excited when I got an email inviting me to “screen” my film Sorry? You Knitted What? as part of the film programme at LadyFest on Sunday 14 November.  My excitement was fairly disproportionate.  I was acting like I had an actual email from Robert Redford inviting me to show my magnum opus at Sundance, as opposed to my 2 minute youtube being shown in a library in Highbury.

Nevertheless to be included as an artist at a festival “promoting and celebrating women’s creativity and counter-culture” is pretty cool, and to have my film shown on a bill of actual proper films made by actual proper film makers is defo exciting.

If you take a look at the film programme, you’ll see that I am, of course, totally brushing over the fact that my film is part of the “Sex and Sensibility” day, and is being shown with two other films billed as a Ménage à Trois Shorts! And the film before it has a title that suggests it’s probably about cats, although given it’s description in the programme it might not be… Thanks for inviting me, LadyFest. I’ll be there with my friend K. We’ll be the ones at the back trying to be cool with all the Riot Grrl sexy film talk going on : )

Sorry? You knitted what? is on at 3pm on Sunday at Islington Central Library, 2 Fieldway Crescent N5.


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  1. Alice / Nov 12 2010 19:35

    Yippee! That’s great! It’s an exciting thing – I love it when nice things happen which make me feel like a famous person!

    Hooray and well done! X

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