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September 2, 2010 / thatsarahdean


Myself and Wateracre decided it might be a good idea to stage a festival, a festival for all faiths and none, a festival that welcomes everyone regardless of species or background. This festival is Bunnybelt. These films about Bunnybelt were shown at the late night comedy show Last Orders at the Greenbelt Festival. 2000 people liked them. I hope you do too. (My favourite is episode 3.)



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  1. Joy / Sep 3 2010 18:11

    Love it love it love it!!!! Was soo gutted to miss one of the episodes at Greenbelt now made me a very happy bunny seeing them all again 😀 You gonna do further advemtures for next year??

  2. Mike Maddox / Sep 3 2010 20:43

    Lost for words. It’s beyond awesome. It’s… be-awesome.

  3. Jackie / Sep 12 2010 16:06

    Barking mad. Superbly barking mad. Loved it.

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