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April 12, 2010 / thatsarahdean

one month only

I have a column this month in Third Way magazine. They be purveyors of “Christian comment on culture”. Very pithy they are too. My article is a one-off as the usual columnist the lovely Jude Simpson was having a baby, and so couldn’t work her computer with one hand on 10 minutes of sleep*.    You can read the first paragraph here for free. The rest of it which is excellent, is available in the actual magazine or if you subscribe and you get a special log-in. (BTW This month there is also a review of the best play I have seen in years, Jerusalem. I didn’t write the review, which is probably just as well as I would have banged on going hooray for a play with a high jokes to sadness ratio, that isn’t indulgent, inaccessible rubbish for poshos. Hardly Mike Billington is it.)

*Actually this slam is not true, Jude is just on maternity leave. She is very talented and can operate computers with  just the power of thought probably.

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